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Selected previous clients and activities:

• Florida Wildlife Institute, workshop prioritizing coral restoration sites.  22-23 Oct. 2014
• U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Florida Panther Recovery ImplementationTeam public forum.
       22 May 2014
• Florida Atlantic University, Florida Center for Environmental Studies, Everglades Restoration
      Technical meeting.  28-29 April 2014
• Natural Resources Learning Institute training workshop April 2014
• Atom Legal Professional Corporation, Tokyo Japan.  International Trade of Hybrid Crocodylians
       Oct 2013 & Jan 2014
​• Richardson Brothers Cattle Inc. Corporation stragegy development. Nov. 2013 
• Wildlife Foundation of Florida, board retreat and strategy development.  Aug. 2013
• FWC Law Enforcement Division, Chronic Wasting Disease public meeting.  Aug 2013
• Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Facilitation Initiative project 2004- 2013
              -  Gopher tortoise stakeholder group 2005-2010
              -  Deer Management Technical Assistance Group 2006-2011
              -  Cooperative Conservation Blueprint- private landowner incentives working groups 2007
              -  Florida Threatened Species listing revisions 2007-2012
• Florida Sea Grant strategy development 2013
• University of Florida, IFAS Extension initiative 3 workshop. 2013
• Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council, Deepwater Horizon Restore Act Listening sessions
• Interagency Python Management Workshop FWC/USGS/USFWS/NPS 2012
• Florida Peninsula Landscape Conservation Cooperative US Fish and Wildlife Service,2011
• S.E. Association of Wildlife Law Enforcement Agencies- Cooperative Enforcement Program
         Conference 2010
• Florida Oceans and Coastal Council, strategy development workshop 2009
• CONABIO, Comision National para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad, Mexico, 
         Conservation and monitoring of Crocodylus moreletii 2008-2012
• Crocodile Specialist Group SSC/IUCN 1990- 2004
                -  Red List assessment workshop Crocodylus palustris, Colombo 2013
                -  Red List assessment workshop Gavialis gangeticus, Dehli 2009.
                -  Workshop on Caiman yacare, Gainesville FL 2002
• CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora
                -  Review of wildlife ranching 2004
                -  Animals Committee delegate and advisor 2004
                -  Registration of Commercial captive breeding facilities working group 2001
                -  Sea Turtle ranching criteria working group 1994
                -  Survey of caiman and crocodiles Nicaragua 1991, Honduras 1992
• Russell Sage Foundation, Alligator management on Marsh Island Louisiana 1995
• IFREMER, L'Institut Français de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer Sea turtle conservation
             on Reunion Island 1994, 1999
 Bechtel Environmental Inc., Impact of oil refinery on sea turtles in Indonesia 1992
• US AID. Crocodile Training Nicaragua 1993, 
              Biodiversity assessment of the Yemen Arab Republic 1989
• Meldrum Burrows Pty. Australia- Sea Turtle assessment and national plan, Saudia Arabia 1986
• World Wildlife Fund International, Sea Turtle management and conservation, 
               Sultanate of Oman 1977-1984